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DamascusSunriseThe hushed stage waits, a heavy and darkened shroud separating audience from actors. Undefined shapes loom in the dim troposphere, insinuating only indeterminate outlines, silhouettes suggesting detail, form, texture to emerge.

It is the perpetual cycle of morning, day, twilight and dark, always followed by morning and day, twilight and then dark again.

The first lilting strains of the dawn chorus have yet to penetrate the musky atmosphere as morning bird senses the coming day and feathered choir assembles while the heavens perform their persistent transformation.

Night sky softens, starlight fades, cloud and clear, new-morning brothers, share ethereal space as earth awaits the daily verdict. A corporate quickening of breath and heart signal the symphony’s commencement; a new day born, unlike any other since the dawning of life, hidden by eons of time.

Yet the eternal drama plays out to a sparsely occupied auditorium. Most of the children of men yet slumber; perhaps a few stir and even fewer rise to accompany the great Conductor’s composition. But for those who join the awe-struck assemblage, no performance issuing forth from human spirit, mind or heart could compare with the majesty and mystery of these precious few moments of time, as what has been and what will be are suspended, held aloft by an invisible Hand and captivated by an undetected yet ever-present heart. The heart: The great Heart.

The God Who is there, here, the God Who is everywhere displays for those who will have eyes to see, the magnificence of His mercy, the greatness of His grace and the overwhelming, life-altering offering of His love. All of it displayed with irresistible

All of the Character and Nature and all of the combined Essence of God is displayed and borne on wings of mercy and conveyed to the sons of men to enable, to endow us all with life.

abandon, all of it displayed and borne on wings of mercy and brought, conveyed, transported to the sons of men to enable, to endow us all and all of us with life.

Knowledge declares, He IS there. Wisdom shouts, He IS here: Yesterday, tomorrow, today.

What sure and terrible thing has laid hold of us, taken us that cannot, by His goodness be overcome? What monstrous opponent breathes out threatenings and slaughterings that cannot be shortly and completely eviscerated, conquered, concluded if He, the very Author and Artist of the universe is for us?

And He is. For us.

Sing, songbird! With beauty, descant and lovely strain, let heaven and nature join as one in celebration and delight and Sing!

Parade across glen and sky, new dawn! March as conquering soldiers come.

Lift high on icy wind eternity’s sweet melody, ripe with salvation’s song.

He is. For us.

He is. With us.

He is. In us.

He is!